Pot Minimalist

Pot Plants Made Of Broken Stone Andesite

Pot is very suitable to be placed outside and inside buildings, available in various sizes.
Manufacturing pots are located in West Java.

We hope our customers can enjoy the quality, beauty and low price. Because the current trends using some of nature that can memeberikan, exotic, luxury and great for interior or exterior.

Pot Andesite Box

Rp. 90 000 USD. 240.000/Unit

Rectangle Pot Andesite

Rp. 90 000 USD. 240.000/Unit

Circle Pot Andesite

Rp. 90 000 USD. 240.000/Unit

* Prices Bogor, are subject to change without prior notice.
* We have a lot of stock, for orders above 50 units, have to confirm it first.
* Prices depend on size and we can accept that size is not available above.

Minggu, 12 Desember 2010

paras etnick bali pots .... 500000-1000000 price of an interested contact no 08567910880 bogor

Houses can be enhanced with plants in the POT, although all the land the house is closed cement, does not mean can not make it green. Do not be discouraged, the plants in pots can be a solution.
Land at the rear of the house is already closed konblok. But that did not dampen the spirit of home owners to greening the area behind his house. The way to fulfill this area with potted plants.
When entering the park area behind the house, you will see lots of plants in pots. Everything is arranged neatly on the frame-iron frame. Various plants can be found here, greenery and flowering plants. Not quite at the bottom, the homeowner also make pots hanging. More green become.
There is a unique idea here, if considered, the framework used to depend pot here, made of iron fence BRC. Want to make it too? Just add a buffer, to hang on the wall iron fence. Make sure the buffer is strong enough. The reason is, you probably will hang a lot of pot here.
This park is not just the composition of green plants. The owners also utilize this area as a sitting area. All pots specially arranged tour, so leave a void in the middle. Empty space is utilized for seating areas. The owner of the garden placing set round table and four metal chairs. Similar to the fresh green garden pot.
Enjoying the afternoon at this park, it could be cheap relaxation activities. Accompanied by a cup of hot tea, snacks, and some magazines. Not to forget the coolness in the midst of dozens of potted plants, must be comfortable and very fresh.